That's it, really.


I’ve been interested in animation since I was 7 years old, teaching myself the ways of Macromedia Flash 5 at the time. Eventually, 2D animation had evolved into my passion and it remains to this day.

Evanimations Intro Splash

Welcome to my animation portfolio!

The Dover Boys Reanimated: both shots and process

Two shots for the Dover Boys Reanimated collab! Full video

Freaky Fred Reanimated scene 51

My shot for the Freaky Fred Reanimated collab!

Akumu 1

One of Three shorts commissioned by Akumu Design for their 10th year.

Robbie Rotten Tests the Cannon!

A shot done for the We Are Number One Reanimated Collab.

AlphaJay Intro

Youtube Cartoon Reviewer AlphaJay commissioned an intro for his twitch channel.

ET Excursion Intro Sequence

The Intro Sequence for my hopeful series, ET Excursion.

Desert Hopper

Inspired by The Future Is Wild, a quirky psuedo-documentary about imaginary future animals.

C&C Red Alert 3 ANIMATED: Tim Curry Escapes

A silly meme about Command and Conquer 3.

March of Progress - Animated Short 2016

Up to that point the most ambitious short I’d ever made.

Phone Call Sample for LRN

A few shots from a brief commission for LRN.

Lion Clown for LRN

One of about 30 shots commissioned by LRN company.

Mother Probe

A style test for a hopeful short I will make eventually.

Weight Lifting

We all have our New Years’ Resolutions!

JoyQuest Intro Segment Breakdown

A segment commissioned by JoyQuest. Full video here